A place for my silly thoughts, drawings and cartoons.

A few characters from a little cartoon I’m writing called Fantasy fight guard, I’m hoping to make a few  but for now I’m working on the character builds. From left to right their names are, Cameron, Red, Kyla, Jerry and Kev.

Char build for a new char, Kyla!


Take a death world! 

Apparently I forgot to post this video on Tumblr… weird, andyways, its just a short thing I did to make harmony builds and introduce characters, this is the little wizard page belted to the grizzled swordknight… Uhhh names to come later…. and the guy in red is a sluffer.. Aww yea! enjoy.

just some weird bits and bob’s from cartoons that I didn’t finish, ENJOY!


The quit smoking cartoon!


cartoons for my followers!! 1 per week for now (the first bunch will be ones I made a while ago, so for people who already know me, Enjoy again! and for the rest, Enjoy for the first time!!


PS:this one was made by me and my good frisnd and partner in Animation crimes, Ryan Macneil FOLLOW HIM CAUSE HE’S AWESOME!

The Zit