A place for my silly thoughts, drawings and cartoons.

Time for a silly comic cover!

Now that he’s finally gotten it I can post the knighting gift Walsh and I made for Kyle he wrote the words and i did the arts. Enjoy!

That’s right folks there are 200 people watching my every move….. thanks for following me! also some drawings of some stuff. enjoy!

Goblin Shakespear, 
Page 7 of my amtgard comics (this one is loosely based ona play we did at Team tactics last year My wife and I played Romeo and JoulietteEnjoy! 
Amtgard comic page # 6 Problems of a pro magic warrior.
I’m kind of digging making comics, and I think I’m getting better at it, Just wait until you see the next one, ohh buddy!
Amtgard comic page # 5 I think, so far I’ve finished 7 little 1 shots, more to come later!