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Now that he’s finally gotten it I can post the knighting gift Walsh and I made for Kyle he wrote the words and i did the arts. Enjoy!

Char build for a new char, Kyla!


Take a death world! 

a pair of leather bracers I made, aww yea leatherworking.
Amtgard comic page # 6 Problems of a pro magic warrior.
I’m kind of digging making comics, and I think I’m getting better at it, Just wait until you see the next one, ohh buddy!

Armour I made last summer, I just realised i didn’t have any pictures of it with me in it. so voila! Magic!

the heraldry are as follows, the wolf for my company the Timber wolves, the turtle for my personal heraldry, and the Felfrost heraldry for my home park in  Ottawa ontario boo ya!


Amtgard comic page # 5 I think, so far I’ve finished 7 little 1 shots, more to come later!
Heraldry I dea for my the shire I’m helping start, Falcon’s Rest.
new shield, simple but good
progress on my current Armour project, lamellar still need to make paldrons and tassets for some leg protection and trim it
A plasti-dip shield for my fighting company.
The Ghostly Felfrost Moose

armour, leather working, medieval Garb!

Hello ladies and gentlemens, I’m here today to tell you about my friend who can be commissioned to make all those things in this post’s title! he is amazing!

here is a link to his facebook, please share it and get him to make you awesome stuff!


leather armor I’m making.